About the Business
Utltas or to be read as Utilitas. The origin of the word is from the Latin utility, but we see it more like Utilities as service . After having some bad experience with different services we decided that we can provide something better. Even using only subcontractors who will have to work under our guides. And this is how we have started. So we spent a whole year exploring, testing, acquiring data and information. And now we think it is time to provide you with the service that you deserve!

We are young and an energetic team of people who are looking into the future. We believe everybody should be able to get the best service he can find. And what better place to find than here on our platform. We are free, independent and we make sure our contractors are the best in the area they work. They go through our special screening process and we make sure their professionalism is the power of their workforce.

We work with the teams and their performance. Being the best and staying on top of the other is not just one-time thing. You have to work hard and to be sure you know all the new technologies and how we can implement them in our day to day work. Each team has a leader who manages and distribute the work to the other people in the team and we try to be sure these leaders are young and energetic poeple like us or people who has proved their professionalism in the industry.
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42 Ridley Close

Barking, IG11 9PJ
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