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We believe that our customers are the backbone of our business and this philosophy has led us to be one of the fastest growing cleaning companies in London.

All of our services from Domestic and Commercial cleaning through to our Professional carpet cleaning are what you would expect of a 5* company with standards that are second to none.

Business Services

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

It really is as simple as that and we can literally handle it all from there. We always provide you with superb cleaning services. If your windows need a makeover, you can rely on us to provide you with one. Want windows you can actually see out of, hire us now for a first class cleaning service!
Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

It isn’t something that many people will want to worry about, or have the time for, but have you had your gutters cleaned recently? You may not notice even think about your gutters when they are working well, but when they don’t, you will definitely know there is a problem. You will get an overflow of water when it rains, causing water to flow down the side of your house. You may get blocked drains due to the collection of debris and dirt, and that can cause flooding.

All kinds of things can block your gutters such as leaves, twigs, insect infestation or rubbish blown by the wind. What you need is to get your gutters cleaned before they block up and cause damage. You need gutter cleaning experts like Eva Cleaners to visit your property and clean your gutters and downpipes so that they stay clean and effective. Give us a call now and arrange a visit by one of our friendly team.

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