Cleanscrubbers is a family business that was formed in 1992. We are a professional cleaning and ironing agency serving in and around Greater London. We employ hardworking, dedicated and respectable team of people that have respect for your property and belongings, who are insured against causing damages to your property, who can also iron. They represent the firm in the fields of residential cleaning and ironing service. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence, service and for complete customer satisfaction! A bottle of Air Freshener simply won't do the job. If you don't get rid of the dirt, smells will develop. We offer a new revolutionary cleaning service.

Our service is equally useful when selling your home. There is nothing worse to potential buyers than bad smells in the home they are viewing. IT COULD LOSE YOU THE SALE! We pride ourselves in providing a high quality service for those that are in need of it. We provide a high quality and reliable cleaning service in and around Greater London at competitive prices you can get! At prices that will not take you to the cleaners, we can still do more. What are you waiting for? Contact us now by requesting for our free Information Pack without obligation.